If you are just starting to run, whatever your reason or motivation, it is vital that you get the right advice from the start.  Everyone can run and even if it is only a short time or distance, you are a runner.

You will soon get the bug and it is important that your efforts are effective.  Joining a group with qualified Coaches and Leaders can ensure that you achieve your goals whilst still enjoying your running.  Yes it is possible!

You don't need expensive kit to get going, it is better to buy wisely as you progress. You will however soon need a properly fitted pair of running shoes and for the women a sports bra.

We prefer to encourage rather than push you.  It is your enjoyment and progression that is important. We will always offer honest, impartial advice on all aspects of running and if we don't know something, then we know who does.

Between the two Run York groups, Heworth Harriers and Fitbynature you have plenty of choice of friendly weekly groups and if you can't make one, then hopefully you can attend another!

All Run York groups are free, as is membership of Run England so just come along and enjoy running with a friendly group.  You will meet qualified Coaches, Leaders and friendly people 





You are very welcome

to come along and

give running a try!