As you become accustomed to running regularly you will find that you progress naturally and often better than you may have expected.  You may start to think about challenges you would like to conquer, how to go further, perhaps faster but also more efficiently.

Many of our groups are also members of our linked Sweat Equity distance running group.  This group offers excellent opportunities to progress to whatever level you choose through a variety of training sessions and structured programs.  Examples being the coach led hill session on Wednesday evening, track session on Thursday evening and the 'long run group' on Sunday mornings.

Whichever session you decide to attend you will always find people that you know from the other groups and it is important to note that there is no 'competition' between members.  Everyone has the same goal of improvement, enjoyment and participation. You will get a lot of really friendly support!


Sweat Equity run two structured program per year, aiming at the Spring and then Autumn half's and marathons.  The new 2016 program begins in January, targetting Paris, Brighton and London, and Manchester Marathons, several half marathons as well as the Edinburgh Festival which includes the marathon, half and team relay.  The program is flexible so any other event that you would like to do in the spring can also be catered for!

If you would like to improve your distance running then this is the program for you. Ask for more information!

If you are planning your first marathon next Autumn then now is the time to start your training.  We recommend following the half marathon program before commencing the marathon program in July.  Please note that some autumn events are quite early in the calendar so we often start part of the program earlier than July for these.




Some of the Sweat Equity group at the Edinburgh Marathon, Half and Team Relay

The Yorkshire Marathon team